Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

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Pilgrimage to Jerusalem : Journeys, Destinations, Experiences across Times and Cultures, Proceedings of the Conference held in Jerusalem, 5th to 7th December 2017, éd. Falko Daim, Johannes Pahlitzsch, Joseph Patrich, Claudia Rapp, Jon Seligman, Mainz, Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, 2020

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Falko Daim, Johannes Pahlitzsch, Joseph Patrich, Claudia Rapp, Jon Seligman : Introduction

Infrastructure of Pilgrimage
Andreas Külzer : Pilgrims on their Way in the Holy Land: Roads and Routes According to Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Travel Accounts
Leah Di Segni : Epigraphical Evidence for Pilgrimage to the Holy Places
Jon Seligman : Creating Economic Capacity for Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Byzantine Period
Basema Hamarneh : Between Hagiography and Archaeology: Pilgrimage and Monastic Communities on the Banks of the River Jordan

Groups of Pilgrims
Claudia Rapp : From the Holy City to the Holy Mountain: The Movement of Monks and Manuscripts to the Sinai
Emilio Bonfiglio, Johannes Preiser-Kapeller : From Ararat to Mount Zion: Armenian Pilgrimage and Presence in the Medieval Holy Land, Fourth to Seventh Century
Max Ritter : A Desire against all Odds and Difficulties? The Presence of Christian Pilgrims in
Early Muslim Jerusalem, Seventh to Tenth Century
Robert Schick : Muslim Pilgrims to Jerusalem in the Ottoman Period

Places of Pilgrimage
Rangar Cline : Water and Proof in Early Christian Pilgrimage Narratives
Joseph Patrich : Arculf’s Church of St. Mary and the Spoudaeion in the Complex of the Holy Sepulchre between the Arab and the Crusader Conquests. Location and Liturgy Contents
Anastasia Keshman W. : Mary the Doorkeeper – On the History of the Miraculous Image of the Theotokos in the Complex of the Holy Sepulchre

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