Pilgrimage and textual culture

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Pilgrimage and Textual Culture in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Production, Exchange, Reception, special issue of The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, ed. Anthony Bale and Kathryne Beebe, volume 51/1, January 2021.

Pilgrimage and Textual Culture, Anthony Bale and Kathryne Beebe

A Pilgrimage to Purgatory: Overcoming Doubt through Vernacular Narrative Conventions in the Tractatus de Purgatorio Sancti Patricii, Hannah Weaver

The Authority of Written and Oral Sources of Knowledge in Ludolf of Sudheim’s De itinere Terre Sancte, Christine Gadrat-Ouerfelli

The Dominican Educational and Social Contexts of Riccoldo of Monte Croce’s Pilgrimage Writing, Philip Booth

Pilgrimage, Print, and Performance: Giuliano Dati’s Roman Cantari, Matthew Coneys

Holy Land Pilgrimage and Geography in Fifteenth-Century England: Understanding and Devotion in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College Library, MS 426, Marianne O’Doherty

The Meaning of Imagined Pilgrimage, Kathryne Beebe

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Christine Gadrat-Ouerfelli (2021, 7 avril). Pilgrimage and textual culture. Il ne scet rien qui ne va hors. Consulté le 28 février 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v979

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