Travels and mobilities in the Middle Ages

Un volume vient de paraître aux éditions Brepols, intitulé Travels and mobilities in the Middle Ages, dirigé par Marianne O’Doherty et Felicitas Schmieder.

Il rassemble plusieurs contributions portant sur le thème du voyage et présentées à l’International Medieval Congress de Leeds de 2010. Il constitue le volume 21 de la collection “International Medieval research”.

Le voyage est entendu dans un sens large et l’espace géographique et chronologique couvert est particulièrement vaste, allant de la Scandinavie à Constantinople, voire à l’empire maritime portugais, et du haut Moyen Âge au XVIe siècle.


Table des matières :


Centres and Peripheries: Travellers to and on the Margins

‘Them Friars Dash About’: Mendicant terminatione in Medieval Scandinavia — JOHNNY GRANDJEAN GØGSIG JAKOBSEN

Papal Delegations to the Edge of the World: Visits from the Papal Curia to Norway between 1050 and 1536 — SAEBJORG WALAKER NORDEIDE

From the Edge of Europe to Global Empire: Portuguese Medicine Abroad (Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries) — IONA MCCLEERY

Have Crutch, Will Travel: Disabled People on the Move in Medieval Europe — IRINA METZLER

Nobility of the Road: Travel and Status

Why Didn’t King Stephen Crusade? — JOHN HOSLER

The Travels of Ivan Babonić: The Mobility of Slavonian Noblemen in the Fourteenth Century — HRVOJE KEKEZ

The Perfect Gentle Knight: Fourteenth-Century Crusaders in Prussia — MARY FISCHER

Men and Women on the Move: Gendered Mobilities

Dangerous Travellers: Identity, Profession, and Gender among the German Landsknechts (1450–1570) — STEFANIE RÜTHER

‘On the Road Again’: The Semi-Nomadic Career of Yolande of Aragon (1400–1439) — ZITA EVA ROHR

Mobility and Masculinity: Scholars’ Self-Perceptions in the Later Middle Ages — MAXIMILIAN SCHUH

Migration and Return: Peoples and Objects on the Move

Slavs but Not Slaves: Slavic Migrations to Southern Italy in the Early and High Middle Ages — ZRINKA NIKOLIĆ JAKUS

Ex partibus orientalibus translata ad hanc urbem:The Evacuation of Elements of Church Decoration from Pera to Genoa in 1461 — RAFAŁ QUIRINI-POPŁAWSKI

A Herald and his Objects in Exile: Roger Machado and his Memorandum Book, 1484–85 — GEMMA WATSON

Index of Peoples and Places

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