The Papacy and the Christian East

Le dernier numéro de la revue Medieval Encounters (Jewish, Christian and Muslim culture in confluence and dialogue) contient un dossier intitulé “The Papacy and the Christian East : intellectual exchange and cross-cultural interaction”, dirigé par Irene Bueno.

Il s’agit du volume 21, n°2-3 de l’année 2015.

Table des matières :

Irene Bueno : Introduction.

Claudine Delacroix-Besnier : Revisiting Papal letters of the Fourteenth century.

Irene Bueno : Guido Terreni at Avignon and the “Heresies” of the Armenians.

Chris Schabel : Pope, council and the Filioque in Western theology, 1274-1439.

Marco Bais : Armenia and Armenians in Het’um’s Flos historiarum terre Orientis.

Benjamin Weber : An incomplete integration into the Orbis christianus: relations and misunderstandings between the Papacy and Ethiopia (1237-1456).

Camille Rouxpetel : Riccoldo da Monte Croce’s mission towards the Nestorians and the Jacobites (1288-c. 1300) : defining heresy and inventing the relationship with the Other. From theory to missionary experience.

Sergio La Porta : Armeno-Latin intellectual exchange in the Fourteenth century : scholarly traditions in conversation and competition.

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