Astrolabes in Medieval cultures

Le dernier numéro de la revue Medieval Encounters (23, 2017) est consacré aux astrolabes.

Table des matières:

Josefina Rodriguez-Arribas, Charles Burnett et Silke Ackermann : Astrolabes in Medieval Cultures

Silke Ackermann : Introduction Hic Sunt Dracones – Astrolabe Research Revisited

Johannes Thomann : Astrolabes as Eclipse Computers : Four Early Arabic Texts on Construction and Use od the Safîha Kusûfiyya

Josefina Rodriguez-Arribas : The Astrolabe Finger Ring of Bonetus de Latis : Study, Latin text and English Translation with commentary

Emilia Calvo : Some Features of the Old Castilian Alfonsine Translation of ‘Alî Ibn Khalaf’s Treatise on the Lamina Universal

Flora Vafea : From the Celestial Globe to the Astrolabe Transferring Celestial Motion onto the Plane of the Astrolabe

Petra G. Schmidl : Knowledge in Motion : An Early European Astrolabe and Its Possible Medieval Itinerary

Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma : A Monumental Astrolabe made for Shâh Jahân and Later Reworked with Sanskrit Legends

Miquel Forcada : Saphaeae and Hay’ât: The Debate between Instrumentalism and Realism in Al-Andalus

Laura Fernandez Fernandez : Astrolabes on Parchment : The Astrolabes Depicted in Alfonso X’s Libro del saber de astrologia and their Relationship to Contenporary Instruments

John Davis : Fit for a King : Decoding the Great Sloane Astrolabe and Other English Astrolabes with “Quatrefoils” Retes

David A. King : European Astrolabes to ca. 1500 : An Ordered List

Taro Mimura : Too Many Arabic Treatises on the Operation of the Astrolabe in the Medieval Islamic World : Athîr Al-Dîn al-Abharî’s Treatise on Knowing the Astrolabe and His Editorial Method

Günther Oestmann : Changing the Angle of Vision: Astrolabe Dials on Astronomical Clocks

Azucena Hernandez : Astrolabes for the King : The Astrolabe of Petrus Raimundi of Barcelona

Giorgio Strano : A New Approach to the Star Data of Early Planispheric Astrolabes

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