Pilgrim libraries

Pilgrim libraries est l’intitulé d’un projet dirigé par Anthony Bale et soutenu par le Leverhulme International Network Grant Scheme, qui a donné lieu à plusieurs rencontres, ainsi qu’à un blog collectif, que les membres du projet sont invités à alimenter par une série de courts articles liés à la thématique explorée.

Présentation du projet :

In the later Middle Ages, thousands of European pilgrims travelled to Jerusalem and Rome, part of a highly organised industry. This two-year project (2016-18) seeks to interrogate the surviving books that the pilgrims read and wrote before, during, and after their pilgrimages to reveal what can they tell us about premodern trans-national culture.

At the heart of this project is the development of an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars of medieval bibliography, history, literature and religion. The Network will make a dynamic and lasting contribution to our understanding of the mobility of people and ideas of medieval Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly along the pilgrim routes between Venice, Dubrovnik, Cyprus and Jerusalem, as well as to Rome (which rivalled the Jerusalem pilgrimage in popularity).

By marrying archival bibliography with literary criticism and cultural history the Network will bring questions about the survival of medieval texts into a scholarly conversation about reading them beyond their immediate locality in trans-national contexts.

The project will embrace contemporary concerns of religious hostility, devotional memory, migration, multiculturalism, and nationhood, the curatorship of the past and contemporary legacies of medieval pilgrimage.

Articles publiés sur le blog (du plus récent au plus ancien) :

  • Kathryn Rudy, A rabid pilgrimage
  • Alexia Lagast, A world of knowledge
  • Nadine Kuipers, Travel sickness
  • Mary Boyle, Whose words ?
  • Laura Morreale, A pilgrim’s book in Acre : John of Joinville and the Credo
  • Matthew Coneys, Rome for the Italian pilgrim : Giuliano Dati’s ‘Stazioni e indulgenze di Roma
  • Ora Limor, Symeon of Trier : a roaming recluse
  • Daniela Giosuè, Santa Maria di Foro Cassio : a recently recovered pilgrims’ place on the last stretch of the Via Francigena
  • Irene Malfatto, William of Rubruk’s manuscripts on the route to the Mongol khan
  • Anthony Bale, Moving east :  some ‘western’ books at the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul
  • Anthony Bale, ‘Fro Baffe to Jaffe’ : a fifteenth-century itinerary from Venice to Jaffa and the river Jordan
  • George Greenia, Pilgrimage and the economy of salvation
  • Anthony Bale, A Latin manuscript in Greek Jerusalem
  • Marianne O’Doherty, Much eaten by mice : a fragmentary pilgrimage itinerary by Sir Gilbert Hay ?
  • George Greenia, Travelers’ texts : pilgrims and their textual accessories
  • Phil Booth, Building imagined pilgrimage experiences and pilgrim libraries in the medieval world
  • Ora Limor, The Presbyter Jachintus in the Holy Places
  • Anthony Bale, A fifteenth-century itinerary through Europe to Jerusalem
  • Anthony Bale, William Brewyn’s medieval pilgrims’ guidebook
  • Laura Grazia di Stefano, Pilgrims versus Venetians
  • Merav Mack, Jerusalem 1000-1400 : every people under heaven
  • George Greenia, Pilgrims as readers and writers: some reflections

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